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Sierra Palm is a Dubai based business house, developing and exporting an integrated range of mass market consumer products through Business partners across Africa.

We act as the bridge between leading global manufacturers and African creating products, actively procuring products in critical industries with our main focus on technology, palm oil, food, paper, and soap products.

As African economies are positioned for continued growth, Sierra Palm strives to play a constructive role in Africa’s transformation by supplying quality products and building purposeful brands that create value for its Business partners & end consumer.

  • Our Business

    General trading is still the heart and soul of the commodities market. Palm oil and palm oil derivatives have seen a larger demand in recent years for various industries, including biofuels, cosmetics and food production. These commodities are some of the most familiar and essential products by the masses globally, hence the benchmark for accountability and quality is set at the highest standard. Apart from hygiene and safety standards, Sierra Palm understands the ebbs and flows of the market and the importance of a holistic approach to general trading, incorporating technology and retail expertise at the heart of everything we do.

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